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If you’re looking for a business marketing agency that offers a 360-degree service to help all your needs of reaching your desired customers, to expand your business, to get you in front of potential investors or if you’re having a business makeover, then look no further. 

We are an integrated business marketing agency with offices in London, Newcastle and Belfast, and come with decades worth of experience helping multi-national corporates, SMEs and startup enterprises revamp, revise and launch their businesses into their chosen market.

We offer a host of elements required to propel your business to new heights, such as web design, business strategy, marketing, PR, social media, SEO, IP. Scroll down to see our full offering. 

The Best of British Design is spearheaded by a hugely influential and well-connected founder, Dawn Musgrave.  She has worked both in the public (Department of International Trade) and private sectors (including FTSE 100 Companies) and comes with a wealth of experience and contacts to support your business in any direction you want to take it. 

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To meet the rest of the team, please visit About Us page 


Business Development 

PR & Marketing

Social Media Campaign

Web & Graphic Design

CV Help

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Our Vision 

“To generate  high commercial worth, for our clients through beautifully crafted, authentic & measurable solutions.

Words We Live By 

Let the Beauty of What you love Be What You Do.” 
- Rumi 
“Education is our passort to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people taht prepare for it today.” 
- Malcom X
“A true masterpiece does not tell everything.”
- Albert Camus 

Our Mission & Values 

To make design bright and human engagements brighter.

We pride ourselves & live by our core  values, which are: ​

Creativity ​


 Agility ​

     Honesty & Integrit


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