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Why Work on Your Website With Us?

The Best of British Design team have all worked with diverse companies from large multi national corporates to small & medium enterprises. A common theme across all of these organisations, and in fact any organisation, is that they need a great website! if they're a well established company then they need to ensure that their web is fully functioning, with a great eCommerce store on, if appropriate. As a Start Up one of the first things the companu will need to do is set up their website, which is not managed correctly can be hugely expensive! The Best of British Design aims to support organisations in providing them with cost effecive but highly commercial solutions. By offering a holistic service including Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce Websites, Social Media support, Business/Finance Support (including Crowdfunding campaigns) & International business support.  

Work Desk


The Best of British Design team will work with you to tailor make a perfect website solution. Your perfect solution may be that the team designs the website for you or that you work on your website yourself & we coach you through the process. Both options are available, as we deliver workshops and also can arrange 1:1 session through live video stream. Solutions are available for any sector and we have experience of building hotel booking sites, restaurant sites, photography booking sites, artists eCommerce stores, consultancy services websites. 

We also work with you to ensure that your website will get found & listed on Google searches by ensuring that your Search Engine Optimisation SEO, is maximised. You may also need support with Social Media marketing & we can support across this agenda utilising the platforms which are most appropriate for your business including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube. As we have both PR & Marketing functions covered by the team we can ensure that your branding message & any campaigns are professionally target to raise your brand awareness.   

We provide high quality web development solutions which are client centred and tailored to specific business needs. The advantages that we have as an agency is the depth & breadth of talent provided by the team. We all have highly commercial backgrounds and treat each project as a whole business support intervention - this is not just about developing a website. By pooling our skills & adding in services including PR, Marketing & Photography we are creating a commercial, viable & sustainable business tool for you. We are not a team of geeks, with no business experience & acumen, creating a pretty web. We are developing for you a business growth toolkit that will start your business (we work with start up businesses) or grow an existing business. The Best of British Design team are highly networked individuals with international contacts that can link you in to new business areas & markets that are appropriate to your business journey. 

We pride ourselves in out business ethics, values & beliefs and have a loyal customer following that have enjoyed working with us and wish to continue doing so. 


Web Design

Let Us Create Your Website 


Web  Design Workshops

Let Us Show You How to Develop Your Own Website


Google & Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Let Us Generate an SEO Report For You and Create A SEO Strategy & Plan 


eCommerce Websites

Let Us Create Your Online Store 


eCommerce Development Workshops

Let Us Show You How to Create Your Own eCommerce Store


Graphic Design 

Let Us Create all Your Graphics For Your Website, including Logo & Social Media 


CV Help

Let Us Help you Build your CV


Powerpoint Presentation Design 

Let Us Design and Create Your Powerpoint Presentation 

Dawn created a simple but informative web for my business and designed my logo too, at the same time. Totally professional and great for my small business

- Chris Ayre, Devon

Want a Great Mobilised Website? 

Yes Please! I want some beautiful Graphics

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