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Intellectual Property 

Be Safe! It's a jungle out there! 

We will work with you to ensure that your business is covered for all intellectual property assets & trade marking as required. 

The first question people often ask is ‘What is IP? and Does this Apply to Me?’

Many businesses are unaware of the benefits to be gained from using elements of the IP system and it’s not surprising that many businesses do not know which IPR specifically applies to them.

IP covers registered rights such as Trade marks, Patents and Design but also the unregistered rights such as Copyright. 

IP can also come in the form of ‘intellectual assets’ such as specialist knowledge, company manuals and technical expertise; to put it simply Intellectual Property can be a business’ most profitable asset.

To gain maximum commercial benefit from your IP, you must protect it. Every element of IP is a company asset and can be bought, sold, given away, licensed etc. and therefore should be taken account of on the balance sheet.

The risks of not protecting your IP are vast; as this puts you in an at risk position allowing others to copy you.

IP protection should be playing a vital role in every company’s business strategy.

Regardless of what your business provides it will be using and creating IP.


Take advantage of our services provided by our highly experienced IP Adviser, including: -

  • IP diagnostics

  • How to identify IP assets

  • How to build an IP strategy

  • Low costs approach to filing both at home and abroad

  • Fixed fee service 

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