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Why do you need a website??

So, last week I was at the beauticians having a treatment and we were discussing my new Web Design business. We then got to chatting about why it was so important to have a website and how we were shocked that some businesses still hadn't got a website and were just operating off Facebook (obviously Facebook is a whole different story about why Social Media is important and which platforms you should be using, why, when & how) and not using a website. The company in question was a restaurant. An amazing & lovely new local restaurant but the problem was when we'd both searched it we ended up on their Facebook page and there was no website link. Both of us were looking for the menu (me for Vegan options and she for kiddies meals) it's also diffcult to maneuver a Facebook page and search so both of us ended up totally frustrated! In this day & age web development is really competitive, cost effective (not like back in the noughties when it was some techie dark art performed only by geeks wearing Treker t-shirts & jam jar bottom specs whilst wittering on about HTML & Java - not the coffee either!) & accessible.

Which all leads on to my subject "Why do you need a web?"

#1. Because the first thing a customer will do when searching for a product or service is to Google it. Google will then provide a list of potential companies supplying the product & services. If you're not in the top Google listing then the customer will go elsewhere.

#2. It means that your business means business! by having a slick, clean & modern website you are setting the tone. It means that you are professional & reputable enough to have designed and developed a website. Some dodgey backroom business would not have a wonderful wesbite - there would be errors (including language fails) & glitches all over it. It means that you take your business seriously enough to invest into a website to showcase your products & services with pride.

#3. It's another effective communication channel to stay in touch with existing customers and to engage with new customers. The website is also base camp to all your Social Media links, keeping them neat & tidy in one central repository

#4. It's always accessible! unlike office hours your web never goes home or shuts the door - it is accessible 24/7. I was recently reading about the number of middle aged menopausal women & their eCommerce shopping habits - 03:00 in the morning! menopause unfortunatley causes hot flushes (or flashes if you're state side) & insomnia leading to a whole customer base of users that are active @ 03:00

#5. Cost effective marketing collateral - your web is an image & design rich (well it should be) tool that replaces leaflets and fliers. In this paperless day & age one can simply find a 'virtual' invite, flier, brochure, leaflet etc all available on a cleverly designed website

#6. To raise your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Basically by having a website your designer will have optimised your SEO and when a customer searches (across any browser) you will be highlighted on that search.

#7. Potential clients and customers can have a sneak view of your work. On you website there will be some showcase (images/testimonials/quotes) and they can see what it is that you are offering. This is especially powerful if you have beautiful images/products such as a florist would have, or if you are an artisan (jeweller, artist, photographer) or a retailer of any type.

#8. By having a carefully created website you can beat the competition. By conducting simple research & identifying your competitors you can ensure that your website is so much more compelling than theirs

#9. You can create or maintain your own website now! with amazing intuitive platforms like Wix you can simply learn to create your own website (attend one of my interactive & fun workshops or have us create a website for you and we can coach you 1:1 on how to maintain the web - this is all in Word and no coding is required. Call me for a free consultation to discuss your needs

Also feel free to message me if any of these points require elaborating or put into a specific context

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