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Build your own Website & Develop SocialMedia campaigns 

Creating beautiful websites with you! Learn to create your own website 

 In our website development workshops, available as both physical & live interactive video delivery, you will learn how to design and develop a website. Dawn  Musgrave, is a Wix trainer & expert and will cover how to create a website with no coding or complex technical input. Wix is the most intuitive website  platform available, enabling those with no website development skills to simply create a stunning & highly functionable website for all business needs.


The objectives of all of our workshops, are to support & facilitate clients to be able to develop and create their own websites.

Dawn Musgrave is a highly qualified & experienced trainer and prides herself upon her approach, to support clients & empower them in their development. As a qualified executive coach she utilises these skills to empower & support clients to grow their skills and expertise, never flinching at covering technical areas. 

As a small business, or a Start Up, one of the most critical stages in business development is to create a website that is totally fit for purpose. Having a website designed by some agencies can be exorbitantly expensive, with some busineses paying £6k for a website. 

By learning how to design & develop your own website you can not only reduce the intial costs potentially involved but you will be able to maintain and update the site yourself to ensure that it is current & fresh!

At Best of British Design, we believe that with the correct support & development anyone can learn to create their own website. Through expert tuition & guidance we can support you , through live & interactive sessions, to build your own website from scratch.  1:1 coaching sessions can also be booked, if you need specific guidance in a particular area of development. 

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Create a stunning 'user friendly' website in 2 hours 

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Use Instagram to enhance your social media presence 

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Develop an eCommerce website for your company store 

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Promote with Pinterest 



Maximise your SEO for your wesbite




Fascinate & convert through Facebook for Business 

Client Testimonials 

Chris Ayre, Devon ​

“Dawn created a simple but informative web for my business and designed my logo too, at the same time. Totally professional and great for my small business.”

John O'Sullivan, Mexico

Dawn migrated my website from an old Wordpress site to a new 'user friendly' Wix web. Three iterations of the web have ensured that it is current & works for my photography and paintings which are constantly evolving

Antoin O'Looney, County Clare, Ireland 

Dawn created & developed three webs for our business. A hotel site complete with bookings and two sites with menus for our bars. Paul did commercial photo shoots for all three which are just amazing. Great team!!

Paul Gulliford, Newcastle  

I have had three websites developed & created by the Best of British Design . An eCommerce store, a booking site and a photography gallery site.  Dawn created the sites really quickly and coached me on how to further develop them myself. 


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